Career changes

Work-Life Balance

Manage Stress

Health & Wellbeing


Special offer

3 online 50 min sessions
@ £60 a session
6 online 50 min sessions
@ £55 a session

Skype/phone call £65 - 50 mins

Book a Free Introductory phone call

(approximately 15 mins)

We will discuss the issues for which you are seeking support and then establish if coaching is right for you.

Sessions are tailored to suit your needs and can be between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Looking for direction?
Want to get back in control?
Quick Fix Coaching Session
50 mins
  • For focused attention on a particular issue or concern.
  • Gain clarity and insight.
  • Develop the next steps to move you forward.
  • Get a clear direction, sense of purpose and take back control!
Feeling overwhelmed?
Stuck in a rut?
Breakthrough  Session
90 mins
  • Identify your needs - how/where/what it is you want to change.
  • Explore your values and reconnect with what is important to you to live your life on your terms.
  • Get clarity and vision to take action and move you forward. 

Tamara's knowledge and her positive attitude gave me the tools to move my film project forward at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and without direction.  

 - Highly recommended!

Adam, Director and Producer